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Business Scope

Technology is changing the world and people's lives at a speed you can't imagine

Driverless cars will change the way people travel. It is estimated that driverless vehicles can cut the number of people killed in traffic accidents (1.2 million) by half every year.

virtual reality

Short for VR, create and experience the virtual world, and one day you will have your own virtual life.


In the future, there will be more robots that will bring changes to people's lives, and even robots will have their own emotions.


Drones have been used to find hikers and skiers waiting for rescue, take aerial images of houses and investigate archaeological sites.


We are committed to making technology improve people's lives


Share the latest technology information and pay attention to intelligent hardware

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About Us

We are committed to making technology improve people's lives

Aminence Internatinal Limited

Aminence International Limited (namely "Aminence") a specialized in digital products barcode scanners and thermal printers in China. Owning senior engineering,technical R&D team  with rich experience. Aminence is dedicated to providing professional, high-quality and comprehensive one-stop ODM & OEM solutions for all customers.
Our products are widely used in telecommunications,warehousing, logistics,public security systems, customs systems,banking systems, medical systems transportation ...etc. 
Aim to serve customers better, Aminence has adhered to enterprise's core value of "Integrity Professional Win-Win Situation". Now Aminence products achieved good reputation from overseas customer since it began exporting to countries and area as America, Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia etc.   We sincerely welcome inquiries and orders from new and old customers.